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One of those lonely, lonely days when all I can do is remember – 


Friends of ours gave us a Daisy Gardenia as a living and loving memory to Byron. New growth started appearing early spring and then without any indication, the first bloom appeared and I was awestruck. Not because it finally bloomed, but because it bloomed this morning, on his birthday. Further affirmation that he hasn’t left us, he’s everywhere, at all times, with us always. 


Travel well beautiful PrinceĀ 


Little spot of Gypsy heavenĀ 





That on this day, marking my 49th trip round the sun, I can glance back at all that has passed, with certainty it all happened as was intended; while focusing intently on the Now and not on what’s yet to come; for no matter how long or hard we plan, or how much we want to believe, life truly is not of our control. j.a.terry 4.17.16


Spread a littleĀ 


I double dog dare youĀ 


My man and the moonĀ