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Outside the rain 

And the heart skips a beat, so you’re lonely – 



Merry Christmas! 


Stir of echoes 

I heard his laughter that first night alone in our bed – his spot once filled with warmth like a furnace that kept me warm on winter nights, now cold, empty and so very lonely; and I wondered if it was a dream from the edge of sleep, or the stir of an echo from the realm in which he has shifted and now dwells – where the pain is no more and he’s found freedom and peace, and his old buddy Larry to laugh with once more. j.terry 9.27.15


Graceful decay –


Sunshine dapples


This weekend :)

Updating the Shop this weekend with lots of lovelies ||


Beltane Blessings


Energy flows where attention goes ~ 


Belated Birthday Buddy ❥


toujours les tulipes

always the tulips
that ushered forth
the shadow of a memory
in a half forgotten dream

©2015 jillterry |