It’s been several years since I’ve published a book and I’ve often wonder why I’ve not finished my works-in-progress, or submitted my short stories and poetry collective that’s been sitting on my hard drive, ready for publishing (for many, many moons), and I finally answered my own question.

Talking with friends about making a piece of art out of my covers and something came up about me getting back into the swing and dwelling on not having put anything new out in so long; my response was immediate and completely spontaneous.

“I don’t dwell on things, it’s not healthy; probably why I haven’t written in so long; too much time spent inside my own mind, when I’d rather be out taking pictures!” 

And there it is – That’s my simple truth.
This is where I am on my journey of growth and spiritual enlightenment.

I’d rather be out in the world, capturing the beauty of nature, concentrating my energy and focusing my creative efforts on turning those moments into something memorable – something special – something magical that I’m able to share; or sitting with a friend talking about real life things, not imaginary conversations created and played out inside my head; and certainly not looking back and dredging up old wounds to turn into poetry.

I think it’s our mission in life to find our gift and share it with the world. Once I was able to let go of the past and live in the moment, right here – right now, and stop searching outside my self for answers to questions that didn’t matter, it suddenly became clear to me, and I found my own Truth.

My gift is my intuitiveness – my willingness to open my self and take in what others need to expel, while guiding them to the Truth they already know, but just might not be able or ready to see. Keeping it real – that’s what it’s all about; on every level and in every facet of our being – just keeping it real.

There’s not time or energy enough, to waste on things which don’t feed our soul.
I’m feeding mine now, and happy at last to be doing so.

Love & Light ☽☮☾



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